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ooo the virus!

for some resan like 8 people i know including me have all come down with the  edsact same symptoms on the edsact same day lol
and thay say  that thease flues n colds n shit arnt geneticly engineard i dotn belive that for a 2nd.
i was liek chatting to amber today and like shes getting me into photography woohoo
kind aliked that for years but never gotten into it proply.. drawing n painting n stuff has always just bin like.. my thing!

im also goign to try giving my self highlights tomorow "woohoo?" i never done that befor just all over duy.. some nice lime green highlights jsut to scare people XD, kinda makes me largh im not evan (exstream) in the alternetive way i dress n stuff and still people are like wooooOOOoooOO!

id probebly get lynch mobbed if i went back to my old gothic punk thingy ways in the middle of this biky infested banjo villedge lol
im liek watching southpark lol, everynight i do this sit back on hear with southpark on i duno why ive sceen em all  so menny times it makes me largh no matter how menny times i see it lol
i kinda broke my skull ring today by sitting on it :S

i did that to my old camra... my mic.. my ring.. and all sorts!... i swear my ass is deadly! lol, Enyhow  next year im having a holiday in coventry woohoo.. bit of a way off but i aint sceen them lot up there for almost 2 years now and it wouuld be nice to see them again,  enyhow!
i wanna go essix this week end i kind wanna see alan and mike lol hells angel uncles always come in handy mwahahhaa!

i actuly dunno what els to day this is a random midnight rant!!!

ohh thats it!!! thats what i fucking watn to bitch about... grr lol, ive officuly stopped using my youtube.. im sick to fucking death of people on there getting into political debates and insulting one another. i posted a video.. a music video.. that i had left over on my computer.. thats all i did.. and i get a tone of random insults for it!?!? its like wtf?!
i meen not that i care what poeple think and i just blocked and delet thosue comments but its like.. you sneeze on tehre and someone wants to stab you lmfao
 peace love
anarchy as normal!!
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI Kick Assxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

p.s im now addicted to jedi mind tricks.. a little away from my normal sex drugs rock n role ways but fuck it thay rule!



i am rather anoyed still :p

as i promised im back with the full explination (to give to thin air as normal) lol
im still job hunting and getting nowere tho the otehr day i went to see how much a tattoo i designed myself woult cost to get done
(the imege underneathe)
and the shop i went to is looking to train somone up and was like "OOooOOooOo your good ever thougth of doing tattooing?"
so now i have an interview with them... i dont have eny art qualifications tho.. but give me a canves and let me sneeze on it and what comes out would be as good as what thay can do so fuck it ill go along with it enyhow.
were also moving houses sone to an area that theres no point in hell to move to.. im also panaking over this as it servearly crippled my life last time we moved.
i fucking hate my famaly, i wouldent think twice of never seeing them again and infact in teh futer im moving up north and wount see them enyhow.. GOOD
im also a little upset with goin gon this thing due to the only resan i signed up was becouse jenne (luner wren) was on it aswell and for soe resan has stopped speeking to me.. i speek o her little sister more then her now witch is just rediculous shes stil akid. as lovly as she mite be lol
i managed to get the book i started wrighing back that i lost wen my computer broke so i mite start doign that again sone! its ausum...
and i can now use photoshop.. aint i just the artsy fartsy one!
tbh tho ive been getting realy down laitly.. i dont think i could get eny lower im on that stadge just befor u give up.. i meen i feel like my life duesent have a single effect on enyone or enything like its pointless and im sick of it..
help!! lol
meh enyhow i best stop now ill post again laiter as this is getting realy long... just look love and comment my imege lol :p
xxxxxyou poeple rule!!xxxxxxxx


<a href="http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b379/dormstone/?action=view&current=astara.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b379/dormstone/astara.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

ITS BIG! lol ITS CUTE! ITSSSS  my drawing XD

i hope that worked... what do you people think of the first anami person i have drawn in over 4 years?

lol i think shes cute~!!! haha XD

its been sutch a long n boring day, antoher day at the job center another  load of dead end pointless jobs to try and get.. i should take a an art or phitography corse.. i would be so suted to somehting like that.
meh money the curse of the land..
im in a bit of a bad mood so chear me up people who never comment!

and AND! im gonna leave it hear and post again laiter.. cos im sexy n cool like that see :p
loves n kisses to the people!

been so long

since ive posted on hear!
tho ive been pretty pre occupied with decorating me room. my aunt n uncle finaly moved out so i get there room now.. and its alot bigger then my old one (woohoo)
tho at the prezent it looks like a gothic squatters room with the plague. lol
comming out realy wrong!
ohw ell
ive been so bored otehr then that, ive applied for 20 new jobs this month not 1 basterd has evan wrote to me.
im inthe middle of building my new bed.. its to heavy to lift and we have acedently donw it the wrong way round.. grait!!! lol
other then that i dunno what els to day im currently listerning to music chatting to kirst for the first time in a month on teh phone and thinking what to have for dinenr so im not paying much attention today jsut a quick sign on realy

i have 1 thing to say....

AUSUM WEEEK END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i was probebly drunk from fryday nite till 6 this morning with no breaks of soberness inbetween lol
i was in london all week end got to 2 partys  and 1 poker torni
i perposly get drunk for them as you cant read the facule expresions of someone about to fall on teh floor from relaxation!
pluss i won i never lose!

me and dan also had a good old spar his jeet kun do is getting good though was interesting to pud drunken boxing to the test ensted of kickbxing it was good i managed to spinning back fist him around the head lol woooohooo 
but enyhow anough analizational stuff
im bisy watchign the bee movie and im to hung over tto doentyhin els today haha

i sitll cant think what tatooo to get
part of me wants to get the boar simble of both the worrior abd the british tribal poeple
but its not edsactly a sexy thing to get is it? a wild pig haha
eny idears? enyone?
thoguh nobody realy replys much over then jen :p haha XD

meh, enyhow, i gotta finish up with checking my emails n stuff i mite actuly tern off the bee movie n jsut go to sleep i dont think ive had naough sleep over the past few days :p
enyhow loves n kisses mr livegernal!!! and also!
peace love and anatchy

today my saying is...... if you love someone doodle there names in a circle not a hart... becouse a hart ends but a curcle goes on for ever.

OMG :o

FINALY after stayin gup for 29 hours i got 5 hours sleep! still tierd bu wooop!!! 
im actuly realy bored today had a bit of a nightmerish day yesterday with arguments n stuff
im bored now!

get ya msn back!!! :p
hehehe XD
 im like so wanting to b in youkshier rite now....
or cornwall i miss there.... 

i also realy facy a drink tonite. not a proper one but just a nice bootle of wine. i love the stuff!!
 esspecule taiwan wine with pizza!:o
i had a weird dream thing about warhammer last nitE!!!  i was like wow!
somehting to do with the chaos poeple being english and norhtern europ and the empire being itali romans and stuff was weird
if it wernt so expencive id get back into that it rocked and i was a realy ausum painter aswell

i nead a cuddle... lol

peace love n anarchy!


im so tierd!
 i havent been asleep since nite befor last... verrry sleepy... last time i stay up with kirst for a wile.
im pretty happy today!  i got to watch indiana jhons and FINALY X MEN 3!!!
juganout was cool... some proper hench skin head dude haha

and indiana jhons! was the best one ive ever sceeen of his evan though i thought it would be crap :p
i also got my haircut today.. was pretty cool  (im easily pleased) lol
i actuly started wrighting this once already and my computer crashed so i lost it all so now im doin g it agian its not comming out proply 
(damn it!!!!)

jenni bst commment thease after i did al of hers  "grrr!" heheehe :p
i think im just gonna stop this hear as xsince i have to do it twice its not comming out verry good at all haha
i say this!!!
 the only bad plan is one that cannot be changed (my bit of philosiphy for the day) ahuh
If you made up your own cereal, what would it consist of, and what would you call it?
 i would call it. fluba-luba... for the hel of it:p


 dues enyone els have trubles with filling in there profile thing?
i did lol
 enyhow, what can i say.. not much antll im used to this thing lol :p
i havent been up to much as i left college a cuple of weeks ago and im now hunting for a job my last one was a "money in hand" job so i still count ligely as havin no work experyence "gay!" so im trapped in that classic hole of 
(nobody give u a job without experyence but you nead experyence for everyone to give u a job) i hate it... lol i spent the day looking after my sister who has come down with the flue we had a shreak marafon "wooohoo" that has to be one of my favoret movies though its rather worrieing how much shreck looks like my uncle lol

i also found out one of my friends is moving back to her homeland for a year in augest.. in sweedon.. its verry sad thay havent been given much choice though, oe of the few poeple i still see sinc ei moved out hear. i dunno what to think were gonna wright to one another and since were both on O2 we can txt eachtoehr for pretty cheep still so we can keep in contact but its jsust a shame as it meens no fun days out and stuff ive lost 1 of my best drinking buddies!! lol
meh i dunno im kinda jsut tryign to hang out with them wen i can and engopy my last few days with them though im not sure if a good send off is so good wen the consiquences of it is that itle be sadder went thay go.

this is actuly a bloody long ass little entry but i mite aswell keep it going haha and jenni u best comment this after i went threw al lyours the other day!! mwahahahha
i nead to go threw all my clothes laiter to.. ive stopped growing like agis ago but like alot o fmy clothes ive had for years like my trousers and i have a few shirts with ripes ns tuff in them.  i like to look messy and stuff sometimes it goes with my grungy/punkyfide apearence but other times its good to look smart and i have NO smart clothes whatso ever. :p
hehe enyhhow
 peace love and anarchy to ya poeple!!